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farm-to-table sensorial experience. 

"Here we are the storyteller"


With Brazilian roots, based in Munich, Germany,  we act as an importer/exporter, packing and distribution company for organic and Demeter certified regenerative nutrient-dense food and extracts. 

Due to our partner´s great care in the production process, timely harvesting and logistics, added to our supply chain intelligence, we guarantee fresh harvest products with great quality and unique taste profiles. With our storage and packing facilities in Starnberg,  we are able to offer small quantities for the HORAC and retail niche and full pallets for wholesale and the pharma industry.

For the B2C, we offer a new approach through farm-to-table experience, helping partnered farmers/producers implement and connect directly with customers in strategic markets through their storytelling. 

We strongly believe in transparency and traceability, so our customers are able to trace the products back to their origins in a trusted and efficient way. 




Meet Camocim Biodynamic Farm


"Fazenda Camocim" is located 1 km from the foot of the mystical, monolithic mountain, Pedra Azul (Blue Rock), in the tow of Domingos Martins, Espirito Santo in Brazil. The creator of the Jacu Bird Coffee, the most exotic coffee in the world and the best Demeter coffees ! Try on these unique coffees, now available also for the European market. 


From the farm to your cup


Camocim produces organic, biodynamic, and specialty certified coffees,  cultivated without pesticides or chemical additives.

Coffee plantations are planted within the forest called agroforestry agriculture,  a reference in biodynamic cultivation.

The harvest is all manual, with a better selection of coffee cherries and low impact on planting, soil and the environment.


" Once we have tasted wildness, we begin to hunger for a food long denied us, and the more we eat of it the more we will awaken"

Stephen Harrod Buhner


100% Amazonia -The trade Network for Forest Conservation

Located in the Amazon Delta, 100% Amazonia specializes in renewable non-timber forest products and supply chain development of unique ingredients for food, beverage and cosmetics industries. 


​100% Amazonia bridge the gap between local communities and international customers; managing the trade of raw ingredients and exporting these natural forest products, all the while, promoting sustainability in the Amazon. Try our organic acai powder.

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100% Amazonia , from the Amazon to your door



Trading of goods and services can generate significant economic value by helping to reduce poverty and most importantly, preserve and reuse environmental resources.


The opportunity for genuine, sustainable trade is a crucial factor in fighting deforestation in the Amazon and addressing the current  climate crisis.

Now, costumers are able taste and enjoy the forest gifts through our products offered in the European Market. 

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Fernanda Stefanie


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Save the bees, the small beekeepers, maintain the Atlantic rain forest and taste the wild Brazilian honey

The Brazilian rain forest is known for it variety and therefore Novo Mel Honey has many different flavour's (eucalyptus blossom , cashew blossom, capixingui blossom, assa-peixe blossom, velame blossom and many more. 

Definitely an unique sensorial experience due : the vast region of poly flowers  and wildflowers the located in Atlantic Rain Forest ; the location of the beehives are placed on remote regions far way from from intense agriculture, free from stress ; The Brazilian bees " Apis Mellifera Scutellata"  were africanized and benefit from a strong immunity system against several illnesses, therefore drug medicaments and antibiotics free.