Taste and aroma, smooth and sweet, full body with notes of ripe citrus fruits and balanced acidity are some words to describe some of the coffee cultivars from Camocim Farm.  The harvest is all made by hand, respecting the cycles of nature.

Camocim coffees cultivar are 100% arabica, with the following varieties: Iapar 59; Catuaí 44; Caturra Red, Catucaí; Catucaí-Açu, Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Caturra.


The Peaberry, which represents only a fraction of the farm production, is a blend of all coffees cultivars. In order to get a lot the peaberry beans, rigorous hand sorting is required to separate them from their half-bean counterparts. Here you find this unique round bean, with a light and medium roast,  developed by one of the best roasteries from Germany.

The biodynamic coffee powder, is already appreciated by many costumers in Europe. The natural stone cold grinding process, a ancient method, keep the rich ingredients, like the chlorogenic acid, from the green coffee intact.

 Biodynamic Coffee Assortment 

DE- ÖKO - 003



PLZ 82327

Tutzing, Germany