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Novo Mel honey was created by a scientist back in the 80s. A scientist who is also a mother, and who was looking for more natural sources to feed her children.

But the origin and quality of the honey available have always been a big problem.

So, she decided to go deeper into the subject of bees and beekeeping to create a unique honey of proven reliability.

Over time and after much study, we became the Novo Mel family. Which has always been concerned with its quality standards National and International, following the steps of our founder.

That is why today our products, besides natural and seeking organic certifications, have a social and sustainable proposal, since they are produced by small beekeepers who help in the preservation of the remnants of Brazilian forests.

By reading the QR code on its packaging, you have access to various information about the honey you are consuming, such as the region, the floral origin and the beekeepers responsible for its production.

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