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  • QUALITY : Premium ground coffee powder following a gold standard cultivation in organic farming. natural stones ancient mill process, keeping the rich ingredients of green coffee intact.


  • ANTIOXIDANT . Naturally rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. Contains a natural active ingredient, the chlorogenic acid.


  •  CAFFEINE : Green coffee powder contains caffeine that can help you focus,  (*1.6% per 100 g).


  •  BIODYNAMICS: Our coffees are produced in a agroforestry system that heals the planet through conscious agriculture. It is sustainable farming that maximises conservation by fusing ancient wisdom with modern methods. It offers holistic stewardship that integrates plants, animals, water, air and soil into a self-regulating ecosystem; and it produces clean food made with absolutely no GMO´s, artificial fertilisers or chemical sprays.


Organic Green Coffee Powder 1 KG | Single-Origin Camocim Organic Farm, Brazil.

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