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Product supported by the Aryiamuru Project - Bag made of 100% cellulose foil (PLA) and paper



✔ QUALITY - Light to medium brown colour, characteristic of a pure Guaraná quality, made from guarana seeds that are slowly roasted in a wood fire at low temperature, rich in caffeine.


✔ HARVEST - Our guarana originates from the Amazon, is very finely ground, has a mild aroma and a natural energetic effect. We guarantee the highest quality through proper harvesting practices, adapted fruit delivery logistics and exceptional care at every stage of the production process, using only selected guarana seeds. All made in the Amazon.


✔ CAFFEINE- Per 100 gr, 3.6% caffeine content. Rich in tannin,  theobromine,  quercitin ( a natural poliphenol antioxidant)  and refreshing guaranina effect, gently released in the body. 


✔ PROTECTING THE AMAZONAS RAIN FOREST : The only B Corporation in northern Brazil. We work to create productive chains that involve traditional and indigenous populations in the Amazon rainforest and promote the extraction of raw materials by inhabitants who respect and know this region.


✔ PRODUCED IN THE DELTA OF THE AMAZONAS RIVER : Packaged and labelled in Germany in compostable packaging. The packaging may be disposed in the organic waste bin.



100% Amazonia Guaraná Powder Organic - Fine Milled Seeds - 500g

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